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Bakeries where you can find glutenfree products on São Miguel Island - Part 1


Bakeries where you can find glutenfee products on São Miguel Island - Part 1
Queijadas de Feijão

Based on my experience every city or region on Sao Miguel Island has a signature baked good. I am planning to write a post later which introduces all these baked goodies. However, almost all of these products are glutenous. This is why I have decided to visit every bakery and patisserie in the area to ask about gluten-free options, thus helping fellow travelers. To my absolute delight I have stumbled upon the perfect place in Furnas: the Bakery of Gloria Moniz. And at this bakery I have found a new favourite cake: the Queijadas de Feijão (bean tart). Read on to find out more... 
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My main goal is to help every Azores visitor make their vacation even more special and unforgettable. There are numerous fantastically colorful and eventful festivals on the Azores every year. I recommend for you to check out at least one festival event while you are visiting the Azores. I love religious festival; I think they are very moving and interesting. For the younger crowds I recommend the music festivals, while the folk festivals might be interesting for those interested in the local traditions.

I am very proud to let you know that the Kecskemet Dance Company (Hungary) will also be featured at the FOLKAZORES festival on Terceria.

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Read on to see the event calendar...

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KIMA - A drink everyone needs to try!

KIMA is my absolute favourite soft drink on the Azores. The KIMA is a fizzy drink made from maracuja (passion fruit). Being all BIO I should not encourage drinking sweet, fizzy soft drinks - but KIMA is simply amazing. Everyone I made to taste KIMA loved it.

As far as I know, KIMA is produced in factory Cervejas e Refrigerantes João Melo Abreu
in Ponta Delgada. This factory is also a brewery.

It is very strange, that even though KIMA is loved by everyone it is almost impossible to buy in smaller grocery stores. However, it can be found on the drinks menu of every restaurant under the name of "Sumo de Maracuja" in the "Sumo" (fruit juices) section.

I highly recommend trying this delicious drink - even if you normally don't like fizzy drinks.

And I have great news! Read on.
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Something is happening in Furnas - How does the city of Furnas prepare for the Feast of Saint Anne?

Like in all cities - and also in Furnas - if there is one person who knows about everyone and everything: it is the hairdresser. I have met Bruno over a year ago, and in my opinion he is the best hairdresser in Furnas. When I have been to his salon the other day I also asked him what is this hustle and bustle, what is happening in Furnas.

I have already seen the posters advertising the Feast of Saint Anne, but I didn't understand them completely. Also, the week before I noticed that the Saint Anne Church in the city center has been decorated with white and yellow flags, and that there are a lot of busy workers all around the city: renewing the road signs, the bus stops, making a new fish pond in the park - so something must definitely be going on here! But what is this festival all about? Read on to find out.

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