2018. october 22. - monday

Teaser for Azorean football - Facts and experiences from an Eden Azores reader (Guest Post)

In my opinion in order to be able to write a successful blog it is very important for the author to be curious and open minded. It’s important to show interest in topics which - at first - do not seem to be that exciting. For me this topic was football (soccer).

A few months ago all headlines on the Azores were celebrating local football team which made it to the top division of the Portuguese football league system. I remember sharing an article about this victory on the Eden Azores Facebook page, but this was pretty much my reaction to the win.

But a few weeks ago a very kind reader (Dani) asked me when I will finally write an article about Azorean football. I do try to take reader requests into consideration when choosing a new topic for an article, but I am / was simply a stranger to football. Dani even wrote to me about his holiday on Sao Miguel, which included attending a football game at the stadium in Ponta Delgada where he had a wonderful time.

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2018. october 12. - friday


Many of you asked me about the fall events on the Azores, so I made a summary for you with the events occurring in October. I have included interesting events from other islands, too, not just Sao Miguel. I will be attending all events on Sao Miguel, so please join me if you are in the area.

Festival das Sopas - Soup festival - Água de Pau, Sao Miguel Island

When: 13th of October, 2018, 6pm to 9pm
Where: Centro Comunitário João Bosco Mota Amaral, Rua da Ribeira, Bloco C- R/C Água de Pau, Sao Miguel

Entry fee: 5 EUR

Entry includes tasting all soups and a soft drink.

Eden Azores Hint: arrive early (around 6pm or even earlier) because the queue can get quite big in front of the soup stands. Also great event in rainy weather.

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2018. october 08. - monday

Europe’s most beautiful tea labyrinth on the Azores - curiosities about tea and the Chá Gorreana tea plantation

A few weeks ago Peter - a kind reader of the blog who is regularly contributing with valuable comments (for which I am extremely grateful) - introduced me online to Vitória, who works at the Chá Gorreana tea plantation and who kindly offered to tell me more about her wonderful workplace where she has been spending her weekends for the last 6 years now. I have long been fascinated by this tea plantation, and have visited it several times - showing friends around, or sometimes all by myself just to take photos. I have also tried to do my homework and find out as much as possible about Chá Gorreana, and I did read quite a few articles about it by fellow bloggers, but I still had a few unanswered questions. So when the opportunity to learn even more about Chá Gorreana and to tell you all about it presented itself, I immediately said yes.

If I should describe my meeting with Vitória using headlines only, I would say she is characterized by: kindness, professionalism, enthusiasm, and a deep understanding and love of her workplace. Her joyful spirit lifted me up, too, and our time together went by oh-so-very quickly.

In the followings you can read about the curiosities I have found out about Europe’s biggest tea plantation.

2018. october 08. - monday

My experiences from the Azorean travel planning talk in Budapest

I have been living on Sao Miguel for almost 2 years now, and every time I visit Hungary I get lots of questions about life on the Azores, and about the islands in general. In order to meet these requests and to be able to answer most questions I receive from my readers on a daily basis I decided to organize an Azorean travel planning talk complete with some Azorean food tasting.

Based on last year's experiences I started organizing the talk over a month in advance. This is how I could host the talk at one of my favorite venues, at the Urbanfood Café & Coworking space. I love this place, mainly because the owner
Balázs and myself make a great team, and we understand each other well, thus making the planning both seamless and professional. When I started planning the talk I did not even know about the lovely coincidence that on the day of the talk the other member of the Eden Azores team - my friend Kati - will also be staying in Budapest. So I took this opportunity to ask her to tell you all about her adventures in the Azorean gastronomy.


About me
Hello, I am Rita. Bioengineer, marketing manager, and so much more. My first trip to the Azores has been so wonderful I have decided to move here. Since I have found very little information about the Azores in Hungarian, I have decided to start a blog collecting hints and providing advice to help fellow travelers. My aim is to motivate more people to go on vacation to the Azores, to help and assist fellow travelers, and finally through my adventures provide more information about this beautiful place. Please take a look around, and let me know if you have a question. I will do my utmost to provide an answer.

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This website is dedicated to my family and friends - to reassure them that I am doing well and enjoying my new life - and of course to everyone who wants to know more about the Azores, especially about the islands Sao Miguel and Furnas. This website might also be the starting point to plan a vacation or a wedding at the Azores. With my posts and the information contained within I would like to help every traveller to have the time of their lives when visiting the Azores. For foodies who would like to eat like a local or want to find the best restaurants on the isles, and also for people with food intolerance or allergies I recommend the posts in the section "BIO Girl in the Azores".


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