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My experiences from the Azorean travel planning talk in Budapest

I have been living on Sao Miguel for almost 2 years now, and every time I visit Hungary I get lots of questions about life on the Azores, and about the islands in general. In order to meet these requests and to be able to answer most questions I receive from my readers on a daily basis I decided to organize an Azorean travel planning talk complete with some Azorean food tasting.

Based on last year's experiences I started organizing the talk over a month in advance. This is how I could host the talk at one of my favorite venues, at the Urbanfood Café & Coworking space. I love this place, mainly because the owner
Balázs and myself make a great team, and we understand each other well, thus making the planning both seamless and professional. When I started planning the talk I did not even know about the lovely coincidence that on the day of the talk the other member of the Eden Azores team - my friend Kati - will also be staying in Budapest. So I took this opportunity to ask her to tell you all about her adventures in the Azorean gastronomy.
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Azorean vacation planning with the bloggers of Eden Azores

Dear English-speaker Readers, I apologize but this article is about my presentation about the Azores which will be held in Budapest in Hungarian. Please refer to my other articles on this site to get infromation about the Azores. Thank you for your understanding.
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The cleaning of my SUITCASES is part of my major house cleaning routine. In Hungary I have cleaned my suitcases once a year, but here on the humid Azores I clean them once in every 6 months. What makes this cleaning so pressing and important in Sao Miguel is, that on this climate every organic material, food rest, and even paper (even the stickers you get upon checking in) is prone to mould very quickly - but not under my watch, not anymore.

Suitcases get dirty during the travel. At the check-in counter at least 2 stickers are put on the suitcase which then travels through a maze of conveyor belts; if the weather is rainy at your destination - POOF - your suitcase has a nice mud coating on the bottom; but simply touching a few less-than pristine clean objects and then grabbing the handle of your suitcase could bring bacteria over. So next time you are going on a trip, bacteria collected during previous adventures might be already waiting for you on the handles and the outside & inside of your suitcase.

Of course there are other solutions for keeping the outside of your suitcase clean, not just the regular manual cleaning. Suitcase covers are becoming increasingly fashionable and available in all colors, patterns, and sizes. They protect the outside of your suitcase, and are of course removable and washable. However, the handles and the inside of the suitcase still needs to be regularly cleaned.

Read on to find out how and why I do this.

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When: 2018 June 29th - July 14th
Where: multiple locations on São Miguel island (get your detailed event guide at Information Points across Sao Miguel)
More information: www.walktalkazores.org
Annual arts festival that stimulates creation in the specific cultural and geographic context of the Azores
When: 2018 July 5th - 8th
Where: Ribeira Quente (POVOAÇAO), São Miguel island
More information: http://www.facebook.com/festadochicharro
Music festival for the youngsters
When: 2018 July 7th, 21:00
Where: Terceira island, Angra do Heroismo, Cais da Alfândega
More information: https://www.facebook.com/Angra.World.Sound/
Lineup: Stonebones & Bad spaghetti (Portugal), Enraizarte (Portugal), MeltingPot (Ireland)
When: 2018. July 12th -15th
Where: Ribeira Grande, São Miguel island
More information: http://www.ribeiragrande.pt/agenda/
A wonderful medieval fair in the town of Riberia Grande. You can read my full blog post about this event from last year. Dancing and music are the core elements. The fair lasts for a week, with different programs and activities every day. There is a horse show, theater, singing and dancing, and of course fireworks every evening. Visitors of all ages are wearing medieval costumes and take an active part in the activities. All food sold at the venue has medieval names, and in some cases even the preparation method is medieval. Of course you can try the Azorean doughnut: Malassada. Once you are in town, make sure you visit the A Merenda bakery, where you can try the bean tart and the local cotton candy: Algodao Doce.
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About me
Hello, I am Rita. Bioengineer, marketing manager, and so much more. My first trip to the Azores has been so wonderful I have decided to move here. Since I have found very little information about the Azores in Hungarian, I have decided to start a blog collecting hints and providing advice to help fellow travelers. My aim is to motivate more people to go on vacation to the Azores, to help and assist fellow travelers, and finally through my adventures provide more information about this beautiful place. Please take a look around, and let me know if you have a question. I will do my utmost to provide an answer.

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Who is the blog for?
This website is dedicated to my family and friends - to reassure them that I am doing well and enjoying my new life - and of course to everyone who wants to know more about the Azores, especially about the islands Sao Miguel and Furnas. This website might also be the starting point to plan a vacation or a wedding at the Azores. With my posts and the information contained within I would like to help every traveller to have the time of their lives when visiting the Azores. For foodies who would like to eat like a local or want to find the best restaurants on the isles, and also for people with food intolerance or allergies I recommend the posts in the section "BIO Girl in the Azores".


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