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FESTIVAL SAO JOAO DA VILA (Saint John the Apostle)

When: 15th - 24th of June, 2019

Where: Vila Franca do Campo, São Miguel island

Entry: free

The Saint John the Apostle Festival takes place in Vila Franca do Campo. It is a wonderfully colorful and happy celebration, where everybody takes part in the dancing and singing.

The celebration dates back to the 14th century, and it has been originally a pagan ritual: people celebrated the plentiful harvest and worshipped the Sun God. The celebration was eventually turned into a Catholic feast, and was named after Saint John.

During the times it was still a pagan ritual - to celebrate fertility - people used to hang a leek on the wall of their house to bring good luck. Herbs - which were thought to bring health and good luck - were also essential parts of the festival.

These days the festival of Saint John is celebrated on several islands of the Azores, and also in several cities across continental Portugal. On Sao Miguel there is a procession in Vila Franca do Campo where all cities of the island are represented by dance groups and singers. It is a very colorful and happy festival, definitely worth a visit if you are on Sao Miguel during this week.



When: 22nd of June, 2019

Where: Vila Franca do Campo Ileu (small island across Vila Franca do Campo), São Miguel island

Entry: approx. 65 EUR watching it from a boat

The Azores edition of the Red Bull Cliff Diving takes place on the small island across from Vila Franca do Campo. The best athletes of the world are braving the waters from a free standing rock turned into a springboard.  The cliff divers are executing flawless somersaults and other incredible feats during their 27 meters high jump, at the end of which they reach the water with the whooping speed of 85 km / hours. People are watching the competition from boats anchored nearby. Make sure to reserve yourself a seat on one of these boats if you don’t want to miss out on this breathtaking race.

Read on to find out about other festivals...


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This story goes back all the way to Faial, where I was doing a hike with Akos, a friend I got to know through my blog. Akos has been island-hopping on the Azores, and I joined him for a few days to visit Faial. We had a great time. Unfortunately I was about to go down with the cold by the time I arrived, but that of course did not stop us from accomplishing all our hiking and sightseeing goals. This was my first time to Faial after all. Akos flew in from Pico, so when I was really not feeling well anymore he kindly offered me a drink of a treasure he scored on Pico: the Neveda Liqueur. The drink proved to be a wonderful medication, but at this stage I only knew that it was made on Pico, has an excellent taste and successfully cures a cold.

I usually experience so many new things on my travels that some of the unfortunately slip my mind, exactly what happened with the Neveda Liqueur. So it was at the Blues Market event in Ponta Delgada - a great programme in addition to the 9th European Blues Challenge -  where I discovered this saviour of a drink yet once more. This is where I met Jessica Lemos who is in charge of marketing at Picowines. Since I knew I will be visiting Pico within a few weeks I made an appointment with Jessica, because I thought I need to bring you all the information I can about this great drink. Two weeks passed by and I was already on Pico, where Jessica gave me a tour of the facility and was kind enough to answer a few questions.

My main focus during the interview were the liquors because I like them so much (of course at home in Hungary my Dad’s bio palinka is my absolute favourite), but of course we talked about wine, too, since most of the products produced in the Coop are wines. In fact when you mention you are traveling to Pico island, most people first think of its very special wine cultivation regions. These regions are officially UNESCO world heritage sites since 2004, and two special regions - Lajido Criacao Velha, and Lajido Santa Luzia - even got the status “protected”.
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Travelers to the Azores often ask me which other islands of the archipelago are a must see - apart from Sao Miguel, of course - if they have more than 7 days to spend. This is a question I don’t have an ultimate answer to, because I love all islands of the archipelago and each for a different reason. Every island has its best time to visit, usually marked by a festival or a bigger event when it makes even more sense to go there.

So if you are traveling to the Azores in May, the answer is definitely Terceira - and if you keep on reading you will soon understand why.

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English version of this article is coming soon. Thank you for your patience Edrenazores


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