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Many of you asked me about the fall events on the Azores, so I made a summary for you with the events occurring in October. I have included interesting events from other islands, too, not just Sao Miguel. I will be attending all events on Sao Miguel, so please join me if you are in the area.

Festival das Sopas - Soup festival - Água de Pau, Sao Miguel Island

When: 13th of October, 2018, 6pm to 9pm
Where: Centro Comunitário João Bosco Mota Amaral, Rua da Ribeira, Bloco C- R/C Água de Pau, Sao Miguel

Entry fee: 5 EUR

Entry includes tasting all soups and a soft drink.

Eden Azores Hint: arrive early (around 6pm or even earlier) because the queue can get quite big in front of the soup stands. Also great event in rainy weather.

Festival da Fado Amador - 5th Fado lovers festival, Terceira Island

When: 12th - 14th of October, 2018
Where: Academia de Juventude e das Artes. Rua Serpa Pinto 66,  Praia da Vitória , Terceira Island

12th of October, 8:30 pm
Musical program with singers Carlos Baptista Ávila, José Elmiro Nunes and Paulo Cunha
Free entry

13th of October, 5pm - 8pm
Singing workshop with Sérgio Pereira
Porutguese guitar masterclass with Diogo Mendes, professor of the Fado School of Coimbra
Entry: 10 EUR, register at geral@praiacultura.pt

14th of October, 8:30pm
Musical program with singers Carlos Baptista Ávila, José Elmiro Nunes and Paulo Cunha
Free entry

14th of October, 10pm
Musical program with Sérgio Pereira, Diogo Mendes and Joao Ferreira
Free entry

Outono Vivo – Vivid October 2018, Terceira island

When: 26th of October - 11th November, 2018
Where: Praia da Vitória, Terceira Island

Event homepage:
Read more: www.visitazores.com

The festival starts with an ordinary book fair, but during the festival there are food tastings in small local restaurants and concerts in cafes in the entire city Praia da Vitoria.
Wine in Azores 2018 - Wine Festival on Sao Miguel island

When: 19th - 21th October 2018
Where: Associação Agrícola de São Miguel, Ribeira Grande, São Miguel

Event homepage: 

The biggest business event on the Azores: a wine festival enhanced with gastronomical and culinary shows & tastings. Apart from being a huge tasting event, the focus of Wine in Azores is to support the commercial success of the featured wines.

The Eden Azores Wine Tasting Team will also be joining on the 20th of October. Please let us know on the Eden Azores Facebook page if you would like to join us!

As a summary and in order to know what to expect I recommend you read our blog posts about Wine in Azores 2017. You can find the posts here: 1. About the festival, 2. Experiences of the Eden Azores Wine Tasting Team.

VII. Pico Play Auto Acoreana Rali 2018 – Pico Island

When: 12th -14th of October, 2018
Where: Madalena, Pico Island

For this article I used the information and photos from the websites Agenda dos Acores and Visit Azores.

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